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Leake Street Arches

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Actividades similares


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Nestled within the dimly lit archways of Waterloo is a very secret, very hidden and very magical Christmas dive bar that goes by the name of HUMBUG. For a limited time, revellers can step inside Santa’s cherished watering hole where an unbelievable world of live performance, sing-a-longs, festivities and storytelling awaits along with an increasingly weary Santa who needs cheering up … and fast!  Opening this November, in a truly unique, never-seen-before venue in Waterloo’s Leake Street, and offering Christmas cheer on tap through to 6 January, the immersive Christmas dive bar comes from Secret Speakeasy – a brand-new production team from the co-founder of Backyard Cinema and an executive producer from Immersive Everywhere who are setting out on a new venture to deliver a Christmas experience like no other. With world-class production design and storytelling inspired by everyone’s favourite Christmas songs, movies and memories, HUMBUG is an immersive experience of the highest order! Facing the pressures of the North Pole and his bustling workshop, Santa retreats to his favourite dive bar, where Christmas cheer (and sherry) is available on tap, in the hope of restoring himself to the jolly guy that everyone loves. Along with some of Santa’s closest friends, guests will be tasked with bringing their Christmas A-game, ready to restore Santa back to good ‘elf in an interactive, fun-filled two-hour performance where guests’ choices and interactions bring the performance to life for a truly one-of-a-kind Christmas experience.  Along the way, guests will encounter a whole host of regulars including a disgruntled dive bar waitress, a mailman who has lost all his letters to Santa and a changing line-up of the city’s finest cabaret, circus and musical acts! There’s a reason why Santa himself chooses HUMBUG to escape to! Guests will delve into a vibrant Christmas world for the ultimate festive knees up, rub shoulders with HUMBUG locals, sing along to the greatest holiday tunes of all time (step up Mariah) and indulge in a healthy dose of nostalgia in their quest to get Santa back in the zone and save Christmas. Surrounded by colourful Christmas lights, dazzling neon’s, mistletoe and festive memorabilia, guests are invited to join in the Christmas gameplay, participate in the story (or simply watch it unfold) and party into the early hours with plenty of live music and DJ sets with a, hopefully, very happy Santa.  Throughout the night, guests can sip on festive tipples from HUMBUG’s ‘Naughty or Nice’ cocktail menu including ‘The Grinch’ – rum, peach schnapps, blue curacao (orange liqueur) and pineapple juice or the HUMBUG special ‘Bah F*****g Humbug’ – rum, chocolate liqueur, oat milk, crushed Oreos & whipped cream, topped with a mince pie; before tucking into loaded fries with all the trimmings.  HUMBUG promises a fantastic festive night out, a riot of great drinks, enchanting encounters, special guests, plenty of Christmas magic and secrets to unlock. It’s a perfect venue for groups of friends, office parties, or just those who prefer something a little different this Christmas. A visit to HUMBUG is a fully immersive and interactive five-hour experience where audience participation is encouraged and good times are guaranteed. 



Unit 9, Leake Street Arches London SE1 8SW


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